Lose up to 15%

of your body weight

Hudson Health’s three-month medical weight management program

helps you achieve–and maintain– your weight loss goals with the help of clinically-proven medication, one-on-one doctor consultations and nutritional guidance, and full-body analysis scans.

What’s Included

3month supply of FDA-approved semaglutide or tirzepatide weight management injections
*You may be prescribed Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro
3 one-on-one nutrition consultations
2 full-body composition DEXA scans
3 one-on-one doctor consultations

How the Three-Month Program Works

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Step 1: First Medical Consultation
During your first medical consultation, we will discuss your personal health and weight loss goals. During this first consultation our medical team will assess your weight medication dosage and answer any questions you have about self-injecting the medication. 
Step 2: DEXA Scan
Before beginning the Semaglutide injections, you will undergo your first DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) scan.  This state-of-the-art device reads bone density, fat and muscle composition. It gives you a baseline analysis to measure how your body composition changes over the course of the program, and signals any risk of Osteoporosis.
Step 3: Begin Weight Loss Medication
You will follow your prescribed dosage as you administer weekly at-home injections.
Step 4: First One-on-One Nutrition Consultation
Once a month you will meet with your nutritionist to review current nutritional habits and develop new practices and mindsets that align with your health goals. During your first one-on-one nutritional consult, our clinical nutritionist will also discuss the results of your first DEXA scan and answer questions about how to use those results as a baseline to track your progress over the course of the program.
Step 5:  Follow-up Medical Consultation

At the 6-week mark you will meet with your doctor to discuss your experience with taking Semaglutide and incorporating new nutritional adjustments into your routine. This is also a chance for you to revisit your health goals.

Step 6: Second One-on-One Nutrition Consultation

During your second nutrition consult, you’ll discuss any challenges you faced over the past month of implementing new dietary habits. This consultation also gives you a chance to tweak your nutrition goals based on your progress.

Step 7: Follow-up DEXA Scan
The results from this scan will give you more comprehensive insights into how the combined application of nutritional guidance and Semaglutide injections may have changed your fat ratio, muscle mass, and bone density.
Step 8: Final One-on-One Nutritional Guidance Session


2 Dexa Scans


3 Month Semaglutide Supply (Ozempic, Wegovy)

2 Medical Telehealth Consultations*

$500 ($250 each)

$150 each

$1000 ($500 each)


Total: $2350*

*60-minute medical consultations with Hudson’s Chief Medical Officer are available upon request. 

We are currently offering a $450 discount on our weight management program, bringing the three month total for all included services to: $2000 per 3-month package.

About Hudson Health

Hudson Health is a multidisciplinary health collective based in New York City that has treated over 50,000 patients over the past 13 years. Its integrated practices include Hudson Medical for Pain and Interventional Orthopedics, Hudson Wellness for preventative wellness, Hudson Mind for interventional mental health, and Hudson Life for functional and longevity medicine. Hudson Health uses an in-house algorithm to develop and administer personalized data-driven treatment plans.


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