Physician Curated IV Therapy

IV Therapy Designed Just For You

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A Curated Infusion Experience

Whether you are looking for an immunity boost or a quick pick-me-up, Hudson Medical + Wellness is here to help with IV therapies tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Our physicians can help develop a custom IV blend tailored to your specific health and wellness needs so you can attain your health goals and reduce any unwanted symptoms you might be experiencing.

An infusion formula just for you

This Physician Curated IV Therapy is a comprehensive approach to total wellness that begins with a consultation to evaluate your health and wellness goals and your body’s needs.

This custom blend of IV infusion can help address issues such as the common cold, sluggish metabolism, dehydration, chronic fatigue, migraines, and hangovers.

Our IV Therapies

Our team physician will work with you to create the perfect IV therapy for you. Some of our physician curated IV therapy includes the following:

  • IV for headaches – includes Magnesium and Toradol for immediate migraine abortion
  • IV for anxiety
  • IV for pain & chronic pain
  • IV for nausea

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