Wellness today for a healthy tomorrow

We combine holistic healing with medical expertise to help you look and feel amazing, every day of your life.

When you’re healthy, anything is possible

You can wake up feeling youthful and energetic. You can turn sick days into vacation days.

You can take that trip, write that book, run that marathon, or whatever it is that makes you feel alive. When you invest in your health, all possibilities are within your reach, and we believe it begins when you make wellness a part of your healthcare routine

Why wellness?

When your body and mind are operating at the highest capacity, you not only look and feel your best, but you’re able to protect against illness, injury, stress, and more.

This state of being is known as “wellness,” and we can help you achieve, and maintain it, with a plan that addresses every aspect of your health.

We don’t play by the rules

If you couldn’t tell already, we’re not your typical doctor’s office.

We believe there’s not one, but many ways to address health and wellness, which is why we have a diverse team of 15 Board Certified doctors, across 15 disciplines. We also believe that when it comes to health and healing, good vibes can go a long way, so we’ll always treat you with respect and kindness.

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Medicine that’s made for you

Holistic and non-invasive treatments designed to prevent illness, restore energy, and rejuvenate your body.

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Worry-free wellness

Achieving your highest level of health should be enjoyed, not dreaded. For this reason, we’ve designed our space to feel less like a doctor’s office, and more like a spa. Inside, you’ll find calming music, a live green wall, and friendly faces who are ready to coordinate every part of your care.

Complete your care

From pain management to neurology, we have 15 Board Certified doctors, across 15 disciplines to help you with all your healthcare needs. Discover your options by browsing our medical branch below.

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“Why didn’t I come here earlier?”

Finally, someone who listens, has time for you, is knowledgeable, takes the time to clearly explain what you have, and the ways to efficiently help. The staff was respectful, helpful, and friendly. The only question I had leaving this facility was: ‘why didn’t I come here earlier?’

- Dylan V., ZocDoc

“Hudson Wellness has saved me multiple times”

“Hudson Wellness has saved me multiple times, nursing me through a variety of injuries. Everyone there is super professional and they have so many different services to help. PT, Chrio, massages, cupping, acupuncture, etc. The space itself is stunning and feels more like a spa than Physical Therapy.”

- Adam B., Yelp


“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !! Everything about this place is amazing. Seriously, like out of a dream! From all the staff to the atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to heal and regain your strength. I’ve been going here for PT, acupuncture, massage therapy, and minor adjustments after a bad foot injury.”

- Danielle C., Yelp

Invest in your health today for a better tomorrow

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